Accepted papers

Technical track

  • Özgür Akgün, Ian Gent, Christopher Jefferson, Ian Miguel, Peter Nightingale and András Salamon.
    "Automatic discovery and exploitation of promising subproblems for tabulation".
  • Roberto Amadini, Graeme Gange and Peter J. Stuckey.
    "Propagating regular membership with dashed strings".
  • Arthur Bit-Monnot.
    "A Constraint-based encoding for domain-independent temporal planning".
  • Massimo Bono and Alfonso Emilio Gerevini.
    "Decremental consistency checking of temporal constraints: Algorithms for the point algebra and the ORD-Horn class".
  • Martin Cooper, Wafa Jguirim and David Cohen.
    "Domain reduction for valued constraints by generalising methods from CSP"
  • Jip J. Dekker, Maria Garcia De La Banda, Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey and Guido Tack.
    "Solver-independent large neighborhood search".
  • Emir Demirović, Geoffrey Chu and Peter J. Stuckey.
    "Solution-based phase saving for CP: A value-selection heuristic to simulate local search behavior in complete solvers".
  • Johannes K. Fichte, Markus Hecher, Neha Lodha and Stefan Szeider.
    "An SMT approach to fractional hypertree width".
  • Rohan Fossé and Laurent Simon.
    "On the non-degeneracy of unsatisfiability proof graphs produced by SAT solvers".
  • Graeme Gange and Peter J. Stuckey.
    "Sequential precede chain for value symmetry elimination".
  • Gael Glorian, Jean Marie Lagniez, Valentin Montmirail and Michael Sioutis.
    "An incremental SAT-based approach to reason efficiently on qualitative constraint network".
  • Emmanuel Hebrard and George Katsirelos.
    "Clause learning and new bounds for graph coloring".
  • Holger Hoos, Tomáš Peitl, Friedrich Slivovsky and Stefan Szeider.
    "Portfolio-based algorithm selection for circuit QBFs".
  • Linnea Ingmar and Christian Schulte.
    "Making compact-table compact".
  • Saurabh Joshi, Prateek Kumar, Ruben Martins and Sukrut Rao.
    "Approximation strategies for incomplete maxSAT".
  • Michał Karpiński and Marek Piotrów.
    "Encoding cardinality constraints using multiway merge selection networks".
  • Meriem Khelifa, Dalila Boughaci and Esma Aimeur.
    "A novel graph-based heuristic approach for solving sport scheduling problem".
  • Jasper C. H. Lee, Jimmy H. M. Lee and Allen Z. Zhong.
    "Augmenting stream constraint programming with eventuality conditions".
  • Fanghui Liu, Waldemar Cruz and Laurent Michel.
    "A complete tolerant algebraic side-channel attack for AES with CP".
  • Florian Lonsing and Uwe Egly.
    "Evaluating QBF solvers: Quantifier alternations matter".
  • Florent Madelaine and Stéphane Secouard.
    "The quantified valued constraint satisfaction problem".
  • Dmitry Malioutov and Kuldeep S. Meel.
    "MLIC: A maxSAT-based framework for learning interpretable classification rules".
  • Kuldeep S. Meel, Aditya A. Shrotri and Moshe Vardi.
    "Not all FPRASs are equal: Demystifying FPRASs for DNF-counting".
  • Anthony Palmieri and Guillaume Perez.
    "Objective as a feature for robust search strategies".
  • Anthony Schneider and Berthe Choueiry.
    "PW-CT: Extending compact-table to enforce pairwise consistency on table constraints".
  • Patrick Spracklen, Özgür Akgün and Ian Miguel.
    "Automatic generation and selection of streamlined constraint models via Monte Carlo search on a model lattice".
  • Dimosthenis C. Tsouros, Kostas Stergiou and Panagiotis G. Sarigiannidis.
    "Efficient methods for constraint acquisition".
  • Philippe Vismara and Nicolas Briot.
    "A circuit constraint for multiple tours problems".
  • Kiana Zeighami, Kevin Leo, Guido Tack and Maria Garcia De La Banda.
    "Towards semi-automatic learning-based model transformation".
  • Ghiles Ziat, Marie Pelleau, Charlotte Truchet and Antoine Miné.
    "Finding solutions by finding inconsistencies".
  • Edward Zulkoski, Ruben Martins, Christoph M. Wintersteiger, Jia Liang, Krzysztof Czarnecki and Vijay Ganesh.
    "The effect of structural measures and merges on SAT solver performance".
  • Edward Zulkoski, Ruben Martins, Christoph M. Wintersteiger, Robert Robere, Jia Liang, Krzysztof Czarnecki and Vijay Ganesh.
    "Learning sensitive backdoors with restarts".

Application Track

  • Gleb Belov, Tobias Czauderna, Maria Garcia De La Banda, Matthias Klapperstueck, Ilankaikone Senthooran, Mark Wallace, Michael Wybrow and Mitch Smith.
    "Process plant layout optimization: Equipment allocation".
  • Quentin Cappart, Charles Thomas, Pierre Schaus and Louis-Martin Rousseau.
    "A constraint programming approach for solving patient transportation problems".
  • Dimitri Justeau-Allaire, Philippe Birnbaum and Xavier Lorca.
    "Unifying reserve design strategies with graph theory and constraint programming".
  • Anthony Palmieri, Arnaud Lallouet and Luc Pons.
    "Constraint Games for stable and optimal allocation of demands in SDN".
  • Carlos Ansotegui, Meinolf Sellmann, and Kevin Tierney.
    "Self-configuring cost-sensitive hierarchical clustering with recourse".

CP and Data Science Track

  • Christian Bessiere, Nadjib Lazaar and Mehdi Maamar.
    "User’s constraints in itemset mining".
  • Said Jabbour, Fatima Ezzahra Mana, Imen Ouled Dlala, Badran Raddaoui and Lakhdar Sais.
    "On maximal frequent itemsets mining with constraints".
  • Imen Ouled Dlala, Said Jabbour, Badran Raddaoui and Lakhdar Sais.
    "A parallel SAT based framework for closed frequent itemsets mining".
  • Hong Xu, Sven Koenig and T. K. Satish Kumar.
    "Effective deep learning for constraint satisfaction problems".

CP and Music Track

  • Guillaume Perez, Brendan Hogan Rappazzo and Carla Gomes.
    "Extending the capacity of 1/f noise generation".

CP and Operations Research Track

  • Waldemar Cruz, Fanghui Liu and Laurent Michel.
    "Securely and automatically deploying micro-services in an hybrid cloud infrastructure".
  • Alexander Tesch.
    "Improving energetic propagations for cumulative scheduling".

CP, Optimization, and Power System Management Track

  • Shan He, Mark Wallace, Campbell Wilson, Ariel Liebman and Graeme Gange.
    "A fast and scalable algorithm for scheduling large numbers of devices under real-time pricing".

Multiagent and Parallel CP Track

  • Liel Cohen and Roie Zivan.
    "Balancing asymmetry in max-sum using split constraint factor graphs".
  • Khoi Hoang, Ferdinando Fioretto, William Yeoh, Enrico Pontelli and Roie Zivan.
    "A large neighboring search schema for multi-agent optimization".
  • Vadim Levit and Amnon Meisels.
    "Distributed constrained search by selfish agents for efficient equilibria".

Testing and Verification Track

  • Özgür Akgün, Ian Gent, Christopher Jefferson, Ian Miguel and Peter Nightingale.
    "Metamorphic testing of constraint solvers".
  • Saeed Nejati, Jan Horacek, Catherine Gebotys and Vijay Ganesh.
    "Algebraic fault attack on SHA hash functions using programmatic SAT solvers".